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The Breach produces investigations, news, video and analysis with the support of our sustaining members. When you contribute an hour of your wages per month, you will be an integral part of creating journalism for transformation, interrogating crises of racism, inequality, colonialism, and climate breakdown. Give now, and enable our team to create honest, non-billionaire funded media that maps a just and viable future.

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Why should I donate today?

We’re proof that despite the overwhelming ownership of Canadian media by billionaires, alternatives are still possible (and dare-we-say, even preferable!). As a non-profit, unburdened by powerful corporate interests, we’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people in Canada (and some international audiences too). We’ve put together hard-hitting, deeply-researched, and action-inspiring videos, investigations, and analyses, providing a platform for voices often left on the margins within establishment media.

Here’s some of what we’re most proud of. 

  • Our investigations, including an undercover report on conditions at an Amazon warehouse and revelations about the oil industry’s secretive access to the federal government. 
  • Our videos, including explainers about the meaning of Land Back and Defund the Police and a recently launched video show featuring Pam Palmater, El Jones, and Donya Ziaee. 
  • Our timely interventions, including breaking down the convoy that occupied Ottawa and the task ahead for progressive movements. 
  • Our future-looking reporting, including writing about a four-day work week, fare-free public transit, and what a fully realized Just Transition or Green New Deal would look like.

Our sustaining members are essential to supporting our work. With just a few dollars a month, you’re contributing to our growth and sustainability, ensuring that The Breach will keep bringing you journalism to map a just vision of Canada’s future.

Join us in creating journalism for transformation.

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Get in touch by selecting “Customer Service” on our contact page.