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It’s election night on Monday. Want more than just horse-race analysis from bland pundits? Tune into The Breach’s live coverage.

We’ll be providing sharp political analysis from 8 pm EST till late, until we’ve gone loopy…

You’ll hear from: Naomi Klein, Pam Palmater, El Jones, Martin Lukacs, Rob Rousseau, Riley Yesno, Nora Loreto, Luke Savage, Judy Rebick, Chuka Ejeckam, Dru Oja Jay, and more..

Will Trudeau eke out a minority? Will the Conservatives’ centrist masquerade succeed, or will they split their base? Will the far-right Peoples’ Party surge? What’s next for the left and progressive movements?

Tune in for our #ElectionSesh2021, streaming live on our Youtube channel.

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