Ethics and transparency

Editorial Independence

The Breach works to maintain editorial independence. To this end, we do not accept advertising from corporations or other undemocratic organizations, we provide an ad-free experience on our website, and we publicize the names of all individuals and organizations who contribute more than $5,000 to our operations.

Our Commitments

We also work to remain accountable to our core commitments:

  • Accuracy: we will make every reasonable effort to verify claims before publishing, and issue timely corrections when we stumble in this regard.
  • Honesty: we will sustain an approach of good-faith portrayals of the situations and people we report on.
  • Liberation: we will seek to ensure that our writers, commentators, editors, and staff members are free from any unjust form of discrimination or oppression in the workplace, and are empowered to bring their full contributions and experiences to their work with The Breach.
  • Transparency: we will disclose any potential for conflict of interest that is known to us, whether at an organizational level, or by a writer, producer or editor.


To ensure true independence in the long term, The Breach aims to become 80% reader-funded within the first five years. 

We are proud to have received the financial support of more than 1,800 readers through one-time donation or monthly memberships, totalling more than $180,000.

Those who have contributed or committed between $5,000 and $9,999 to The Breach’s operations include:

  • Service Canada (wage subsidy)
  • Emploi Quebec (wage subsidy)

Those who have contributed or committed over $10,000 to The Breach’s operations include:

  • Community University Television-Concordia
  • Wendy Stevenson
  • Blue Engine Collaborative
  • Indiegraf Media Inc (Indie Capital initiative)

For now, charitable donations of $500 or more can be made to support our research and educational activities through our fiscal sponsor, C4C Canada.

Updated on Mar 25, 2022
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