Writing for social justice

A writing course for organizers and emerging journalists

Organizers have unique insight into power and intimate, inspiring stories about social change. How can this valuable experience and analysis be best communicated to the broadest audience possible?

The Breach is offering a course for organizers and emerging left-wing writers and journalists to learn the fundamentals of effective writing for publication.

The classes will cover how to write clear and accessible prose; craft journalistic elements like ledes and nut graphs; and compose short and long form articles, including op-eds, essays, and features. We’ll discuss how to self-edit, best practices for working with editors, and pitching to publications. Other sessions will delve into the relationship between organizing and writing, and the challenges and rewards of writing about social movements.

Participants will have a chance to engage with guest speakers, including El Jones and others to be announced.

They’ll also get one-on-one editorial coaching from members of the Breach editorial team.

The course will be facilitated by Martin Lukacs. Martin is a journalist, author, and managing editor of The Breach. He’s a former environmental writer for The Guardian and the author of The Trudeau Formula. He’s been involved in social movements for two decades.

RECOMMENDED FOR: The course is aimed at organizers who are relatively new to writing, as well as emerging journalists and writers with experience looking to hone their skills. Priority will be given to people active within Canada.

Participants should be able to commit to doing regular short readings, and come prepared to write an article during the course. Once completed, the article will be considered for publication in The Breach.

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The class will be held online every Wednesday from 5:00-6:15 p.m. ET, from March 1 to May 24.

Applications are due by the end of the day February 1st. Participants will be notified of acceptance by February 6th.

The course is free for anyone who is low-income or doesn’t have a salary. For those who are salaried, we ask you to chip in to cover the costs of running the class. For those employed with organizations, we ask for organizations to cover the full cost of participation.

Photo: The image is from a march in Havana in 1961, celebrating the end of Cuba’s successful literacy campaign. Credit: Liborio Noval

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