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Journalism for transformation

This spring, 2021, we’re launching a new outlet for critical and investigative journalism that helps map a just, viable future. We need your help to make it happen.

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Oil lobby, Trudeau government formed secretive committee during pandemic

Introducing The Breach

Journalism for transformation


Launching this spring, 2021.

Canada’s establishment media won’t tell it like it is — or how it could be.

National newspapers are owned by billionaires or U.S. hedge funds, the CBC has become afraid of its own shadow, and social media platforms are swimming in ugly clickbait.

They not only misrepresent our most pressing issues, but they leave people hopeless about ever changing them.

The Breach is a new media outlet that will do journalism differently, telling stories that help us map a vibrant and just future.

Imagine coverage that doesn’t dismiss social movements proposing bold policies like defunding the police or Landback, but gives them proper airtime.

Imagine journalism that doesn’t channel anger toward the working poor, refugees, Muslims, Indigenous and Black people, but aims squarely at the corporate class.

Imagine reporting on the climate crisis that doesn’t focus on doomsday scenarios or small tweaks to the status quo, but on political transformations that are urgent, beneficial and entirely realistic.

Rich perspectives from a multi-racial team of journalists

The Breach will create a platform for in-depth investigations, video shows and explainers, and voices you won’t often find in the establishment media.

Leading Indigenous thinkers like Pam Palmater and Russ Diabo will provide deeply informed, inspiring commentary on struggles for self-determination.

Avi Lewis will resume his role as Canada’s feistiest broadcaster, and Linda McQuaig will continue skewering the political and economic elite.

Brilliant writers like El Jones, Bianca Mugyenyi and Azeezah Kanji will bring their laser-sharp analysis of white supremacy, foreign policy, and state-sponsored Islamophobia.

We’ll also head up an investigative bureau that scrutinizes major obstacles to justice: the oil and corporate lobby, police and the military, structural racism, colonial land theft, inequality, and big tech.

A more honest, adversarial approach to journalism

The billionaire-owned media and our public broadcaster have long peddled the claim that they’re objective, but most people have stopped buying it.

In a world of injustice, no one — and especially not journalists — can be truly neutral or impartial.

“Objectivity” becomes merely a cover for uncritical reporting or a muzzle on those speaking simple truths about power and privilege.

The Breach will practice a more honest journalism: rigorous in our reporting and evidence-gathering, fair in our arguments and judgements, but transparent about our views and values.

We believe journalism can be credible while still open about its commitments: to inspire action, tell stories about people remaking society, and amplify visions of a new world to win together.

Our name: a hopeful signal sent into the dark

We’ll work to live up to our name, whether that’s by prying public-interest documents from the clasp of powerful institutions or rupturing old stories that suggest little is politically possible.

“Breach” has another, less expected connection to our journalistic mission.

It refers to the joyous sight of whales leaping and splashing onto their backs, in waters across the three coasts of these lands.

As scientists have recently noticed, breaching is how whales in fact communicate: the impact generates sounds underwater to invite other whales kilometres away to join them in shifting direction.

Like the best stories, it’s a long-range message — a hopeful signal sent into the dark.

Support The Breach

Please consider becoming a member to sustain in-depth, ad-free journalism that we commit to never putting behind a paywall. We’re asking supporters to consider giving within their means. An hour of your wages per month will support the creation of original, high-impact journalism.


Top row, from left to right: Azeezah Kanji, Amy Miller, Dru Oja Jay, Isabel McDonald, Russ Diabo, Moira Peters, Linda McQuaig Bottom row, from left to right: Avi Lewis, Pamela Palmater, El Jones, Martin Lukacs, Bianca Mugenyi
THE BREACH TEAM. Top row, from left to right: Azeezah Kanji, Amy Miller, Dru Oja Jay, Isabel MacDonald, Russ Diabo, Moira Peters, Linda McQuaig. Bottom row, from left to right: Avi Lewis, Pamela Palmater, El Jones, Martin Lukacs, Bianca Mugyenyi.

Testimonials from Founding Members


“I’m so excited and looking forward to following The Breach’s output! What a lovely list of brilliant writers tackling the most important issues of injustice we’re confronted by.”

Ayendri Ishani Riddell, BC Health Coalition

“I’m thrilled to see a new outlet that won’t shy away from taking risks and asking tough questions. Much needed, long overdue. Pleased to support this essential project.” 

Shelley Tepperman, writer/director

“We need The Breach because we need an outlet, a source of information, that is credible, that is progressive, and that we can believe in.”

David Suzuki, scientist

“I feel there is a major lack of good investigative reporting in Canada on issues of environment, racism and inequality, so I’m excited that this will be a focus of this new publication.”

Augie Coombs, engineer

“Canada needs a counter weight to much of the mainstream media, which challenges, rather than sustains, the status quo. We need The Breach. I couldn’t be more excited to hear the good news. This is so needed.” 

Hussan S.K, Migrant Workers Alliance for Change

“Knowing your values and priorities, I have no doubt this will be a laudable, truth-oriented, inclusive, and socially just endeavour.”

Ken Kavanagh, educator and activist

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